Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013

Paker didn't have a lot of time to write so he wrote a short email to the whole family. Here is part of it!

Yesterday, my mission president, President Bautista, and his wife made the 5 hour trip to come and attend sacrament meeting here in our branch! It was a great meeting and afterward, he went with us to an appointment with a family of investigators who have a lot of questions about why they need to be baptized if they were baptized in the Catholic church. He shared a couple scriptures in the Bible, in Acts 19 I think, about a group of Christ's disciples who had to be baptized twice because they hadn't received the Holy Ghost (your talk will come in handy this week!).
Anyway, the work is going great and I am fine. Cunen is a lot like Lyman in so many ways. It's a small town. The next town is about 40 minutes away. The mountains are all around us. I love it!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Parker is now in his first area!

"As for Cunen, we are living in the church! There is only a small branch here, so there is a large room for sacrament meeting that divides for classes. We are in a small apartment in the back of the building. It is nice, though, and we have a basketball court that I use every morning!

The people are amazing. Just Saturday we picked up a new family of investigators in Uspantan, and have several investigators in Cunen that are progressing towards baptism!

I have been able to share thoughts, parts of lessons, and my testimony in Spanish, but the best thing I have been able to do is sing hymns and help with the music at church. That has brought the Spirit more than anything else so far.

One of the recent converts here, Mario Vicente, told me to say hi to my family for him! He is amazing and even speaks some English because he worked in Ohio for 16 years or so. He loves to help us teach people, which makes the work go along easier.

I am pretty sure that I am the only white guy within 2 hours of my area. It is definitely different. As for the food, I haven't eaten anything real strange. I will have to write more of that later."